MSG Up & Coming showcases some of London’s best grassroots music artists and the venues they are performing in around the capital. Each month we curate a playlist of the artists who are playing some of London’s hottest gigs and let you know where you can watch them.

A host of British music icons have started their careers playing grassroots venues in London, before eventually playing to huge crowds at MSG’s venues in New York and LA. Through MSG Up & Coming, we’re supporting the future of London’s vibrant music scene and looking for the stars of tomorrow.

MSG Up & Coming September Playlist

Check out their London shows here:

August playlist

August’s Artist of the Month was nu-disco group Juke Lucid. Our MSG Up & Coming judging panel loved the infectious riffs and summer-vibes of their track ‘Big Wheel’. The distinctive combination of vocal styles on Juke Lucid’s track really stood out in this month’s playlist.